Applied Innovation

Across all manufacturing industries there is one constant—success depends on performance. And when performance is measured by efficiency, productivity and quality, every moment counts, every movement counts—and every component must function at optimum levels.

But heat, friction, corrosion, abrasion and other forces constantly threaten parts, which can derail production and result in costly downtime. CTS engineers are experts at analyzing complex problems and developing innovative coating solutions to achieve and maintain peak part performance—and when parts are performing, your factory is producing.

To learn how CTS can help keep your machines performing, contact us to consult with a CTS Engineer or download our whitepaper to learn more about the thermal spray process.

With decades of hands-on experience and proven success, CTS is a powerful ally in the fight against entropy. Our innovative coating solutions protect critical parts and surfaces from relentless destructive energies.



With nearly 4 decades of experience, our team of material engineering experts know how to identify problems and opportunities and create and apply high-tech coating solutions for maximum output and longevity.


New challenges demand forward thinking solutions. Backed by industry-leading R&D, CTS has earned a reputation for designing and developing advanced coating solutions to overcome a wide range of performance related issues.


We listen carefully; investigate thoroughly and collaborate closely with your team to develop custom coating solutions perfectly aligned with your operational demands and production goals.