Additional Services


Our commitment to continuously expand our services and enhance our value as a partner, has enabled us to branch outside our core competencies and integrate additional services such as:

Component Manufacturing Services

CTS has developed the ability to produce wear components for pumps, valves and other industrial equipment. Our components are manufactured complete with coating and finishing.  We pride ourselves on our unfailing on-time performance and delivery. We’ll even stock parts for certain production volumes.

Finishing of Coatings

All coatings are available for manufactured components. We have conventional, diamond grinding, and superfinishing capabilities for all coatings, including tungsten carbide, which is considered particularly difficult  to finish due to its hardness.

Component Assembly

After our coatings are applied, component details can be assembled onsite at CTS. Our welding services can complete a final product ready to certify and ship to the end user and significantly reducing cycle and delivery time.

Shot Peen

CTS provides reliable shot peening services throughout our facilities, enterprise-wide. CTS ensures efficiency and quality  leveraging fully-automated peening capabilities.

Failure Analysis

We can perform failure analysis on components that fail in service frequently and prescribe a coating or overlay that will overcome the failure mode. We welcome the opportunity to help you improve equipment performance.