HVOF Thermal Spray Coatings

HVOF Thermal Spray Coatings

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) offers a tailored solution to your individual needs versus other thermal spray coatings. With over 400 thermal spray materials available, there are numerous options to create the perfect coating for your needs. Our on-staff engineers can assist you in selecting the right materials for your HVOF coating.


  • Costs significantly less over a whole-life cycle.
  • Is easier to apply using portable equipment.
  • Does not generate hazardous waste.
  • Is harder, seals for longer, & offers superior wear and corrosion resistance


CTS has four decades of experience in HVOF spraying and other thermal spray technologies and we proudly offer numerous HVOF coating solutions for our customers.

CTS engineers are ready to help you select the best ceramic coating for your needs. Whether you know exactly what you want, need some advice, or want a quote, we are ready to help. Contact us using the form below to learn more.

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