HVOF – The Stronger, More Versatile Chrome Replacement

For decades, chrome plating has been among the most widely used protective coatings across many industries and applications.

Self Lubricating Wear Coatings

Certain operations involve multiple mechanical factors that are simultaneously impairing system efficiency in a variety ways.

Fighting Corrosion Caused by Fresh or Salt Water

Prevention of atmospheric corrosion, including rust caused by weathering or immersion in fresh or salt water, can be addressed by...

Gas Turbine Thermal Barrier Coating in Combustion Liners

In a typical industrial gas turbine used to provide electric power as peaking units, and sometimes even as baseload units, the actual...

Dielectric & Conductive – Coating for Conductivity

For components used as the base for automotive alternators, one application places an aluminum oxide coating on the component, followed...

High Temperature Lubricants

CTS has developed and applies a variety of dry film lubricant materials, such as moly disulfide and graphite bearing materials.

High Temperature Slurry Coatings

CTS applies high temperature water or solvent based slurry coatings to a wide variety of engine components within the power generation...

Onsite Coating Capabilities

Sometimes components are too big to move. Sometimes operational delays are simply not an option.

Coatings in Paper Manufacturing

Paper tube mandrels are subjected to the abrasion of miles and miles of paper every day. The type of paper used is normally...

Improving Service Life of Magnetic Materials

Flexible magnets are made of metal powder in a slurry of flexible material.  This mixture is extremely abrasive and tears up...

HVOF Coating as an Alternative to Hard Chrome

For the majority of the last century hard chrome (HC) coatings have been the go to wear resistant and corrosion resistant coating...

New Capabilities for CTS East in Wire + Cable

CTS East Introduces New Large Capacity CNC Turning/Grinding Capabilities and Introduction into Wire + Cable Market