Corrosion Resistance


Corrosion is relentless and never ending—which is why it is considered one of our nation’s largest infrastructure challenges in the coming years. And because each application has a unique corrosion catalyst, corrosion can be a complex problem for companies to understand and solve. CTS offers a comprehensive portfolio of corrosion resistant coating solutions designed to address virtually every environmental condition.

CTS has developed a number of thermal spray coatings that can reduce or eliminate acidic or caustic corrosion in virtually any operating environment and for a variety of applications. Although Chromium, or Nickel-based alloys are typically used for many applications, CTS offers ceramic-based coatings designed to protect against corrosion in the most severe conditions.

CTS also utilizes high temperature epoxies both as a sealer over thermal spray coatings, and as stand-alone coatings to resist acidic and alkaline environments. Continuous and free of porosity, these epoxies prohibit liquid or gas penetration down to the component substrate.

Every day our engineers work with customers to mitigate corrosion related to environmental conditions, oxidation, or chemical reactions. Here are just a few examples:

  • Molten metal attack from molten Aluminum and/or Zinc
  • Chemical storage vessels
  • Seaport and shipboard components exposed to harsh atmospheric conditions
  • Windmill housings
  • Turbine engine components exposed to hot corrosion (Type I and II)
  • Compressor engine components (fouling)
  • Petrochemical pipes and fittings
  • Boiler tubes
  • Various mixers in the plastics, chemical, and concrete industries
  • Gate valves and ball valves
  • Pumps

To learn more about CTS capabilities and coating solutions for corrosion, contact us to consult with a CTS Engineer or download our whitepaper to learn more about the thermal spray process.