The Power to Protect: Control Over Electrical Conductivity

Electrically conductive or electrically resistive?

At CTS our engineers are experts at researching and testing combinations of copper, silver, and other metals and alloys to discover the precise level of electrical conductivity required to match your operational needs.

We produce a wide range of metal, ceramic, and blended custom coating solutions that are as diverse and dynamic as the products they protect.

Our Electrical Solutions

No-Charge Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings, such as Aluminum Oxide or Alumina Titania, are commonly used for their electrical resistivity. We offer additional versatility and control over resistivity by overlaying exclusive CTS sealers on these and other ceramic coatings.

Thermal Spray Coatings

Our thermal spray coating innovations have enabled our clients to imprint basic, isolated circuits directly onto the surface of any product’s parts. We transformed this advanced development into a production process within the automotive industry over a decade ago, showcasing our ingenuity and experience.

Industries We Protect From Conductivity




Power Generation

Oil & Gas


Wire & Cable



Pumps, Valves & Mixers

Research Center, Certifications and Approvals

Save time by using our Research Center to view next-generation coating methods and the latest coating technologies. You can also find information about our Facility Certifications and Industry Approvals.

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