Friction Engineering

Minimizing the Impact of Friction

CTS has developed industry-leading solutions engineered to overcome every type of friction-related challenge from high-temperature lubricants to ultra-grip industrial coatings.

When the Heat is On

Our synthetic graphite lubricants can operate at temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit while still maintaining integrity and performance.

These versatile lubricants can be applied as stand-alone coatings or over the top thermally sprayed coatings to enhance system functionality and durability.

CTS also offers high-temperature thermal spray wear coatings that retain low quantities of friction to mitigate galling—and possess extreme wear-resistant properties to combat vibrational and frictional wear.

Solutions that Stick

To counteract slick surfaces, CTS produces a variety of robust thermal spray ultra-grip coatings proven to last.

We can match or replace your existing dry-film coatings, roughening any surface to provide the exact level of traction your product needs to operate with precision. From conveyor rollers to ship deck surfaces, we ensure the proper surface treatment needed to improve your product’s safety while maximizing its efficiency.

Industries We Protect From Friction





Power Generation

Oil & Gas


Wire & Cable



Pumps, Valves & Mixers

Research Center, Certifications and Approvals

Save time by using our Research Center to view next-generation coating methods and the latest coating technologies. You can also find information about our Facility Certifications and Industry Approvals.

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