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Corrosion Resistant Coatings

At CTS, we know how unforgiving the ocean can be, and we understand the critical nature of manufacturing quality in the shipping & freight industry. This industry involves transport of vital food sources, major routes of commerce, and means of recreation.

At the core of a shipboard refrigeration container unit’s performance is the compressor, which can also be the most at risk for performance issues due to corrosion. If the compressor fails, it can create a ripple effect of supply chain challenges. Thermal Spray coatings provide a solution for shipping and container unit manufacturers to prevent corrosion, increase part lifecycle, and ultimately reduce part replacements over time.

Thermal Spray Applications for the Marine Industry

  • Thermal spray offers a distinct advantage over paint because it effectively guards against the corrosion of iron alloys
  • The thermal spray method is far more dynamic and complex, compared to the paint spraying method
  • The performance of thermal spray coatings continues to demonstrate its viability and reliability as the leading solution for corrosion prevention

Case Study: Corrosion-Resistant Thermal Spray Coatings

In our Marine Coatings Whitepaper, we dive into the CTS thermal spray process, and review a real-life case study in the industry, which resulted in an increase of 15+ years to the life expectancy on parts. Download your whitepaper from the form on this page.

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