Driving Automotive Performance

Automotive components have been coated almost since thermal spray has been in existence.

Today, thermal spray coatings are prevalent and necessary for a wide range of applications within the automotive industry.

As with most evolving industrial markets, improving the performance and extending the life of components creates an incredibly impactful product that stands apart from the rest. That’s why CTS is continuously exploring, researching, and delivering innovative coating applications that drive industry standards higher.

Our Coating Technology Capabilities

CTS is your one-stop solution for all your coating technology needs.

From research and development to manufacturing and application services our team of industry experts can transform your operational challenges into enhanced production opportunities.


Whether addressing legacy, current, or new product needs, CTS Engineering effectively and precisely addresses each client and coating process with state-of-the-art development techniques.

Component Manufacturing

Utilizing our ‘Line of Sight’ coating process, our regionally accredited manufacturing facilities contain over 30 coating booths capable of servicing an extensive range of product parts.

Quality Assembly & Finishing Systems

Our ISO9001, AS9100, NADCAP accredited facilities and certified engineering staff follow regulatory industry requirements, delivering quality data-driven coating assembly and finishing services for your business.

Core Processes

At CTS we offer a full spectrum of thermal spray coating technology application services with turnkey surface solutions that keep your products protected longer and your business operating smoother.

Automotive Components

High-Performance Components for Better Race Results

CTS offers highly specialized protective coatings for every possible automotive application including auto racing. Our coatings give race cars the competitive advantage they need to overcome weight, heat, friction and wear in high-performance engines and are the preferred solution of professional race teams looking for the most dependable component protectants.

*Note: This is a partial list of parts. Contact us for a quote on your specific component.
  • Crankshafts
  • Cylinder block mains and caps
  • Shifter forks
  • Piston rings
  • Cylinder blocks and liners
  • Coated Heat Shields
  • Exhaust Headers
  • Shocks

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Our Partners

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Research Center, Certifications and Approvals

Save time by using our Research Center to view next-generation coating methods and the latest coating technologies. You can also find information about our Facility Certifications and Industry Approvals.

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