Perhaps more than any other industry, Aerospace demands that parts, and the systems that depend on those parts, must function flawlessly, predictably and reliably. At CTS, we understand the critical nature of manufacturing quality in the Aerospace industry. Our experts have decades of experience anticipating, identifying and analyzing potential threats to part performance and developing protective coating and surface solutions to extend structural durability and functional longevity.

CTS solutions for Aerospace lift performance and confidence to new heights by delivering comprehensive, industry leading defenses to resist and deter deterioration caused by various sources of erosion, corrosion, friction and heat.


CTS currently coats a large selection of part numbers from a wide variety of engines, including:

  • Compressor blades
  • Compressor shafts
  • Compressor spools
  • Fan blades
  • Fan disks
  • Front and rear cases
  • Fuel mixers
  • Rotating seals
  • Shrouds
  • Stationary seals
  • Turbine disks
  • Turbine shafts
  • Vanes


This is only a partial list, so please contact us for a quote on your specific component.


CTS currently is approved to supply coatings and processes to the following aerospace companies, their sub tier suppliers, or both:

DSQR inspection approved
CCL evaluation lab approved
F50TF11 F50TF13 F50TF14 F50TF15
F50TF18 F50TF22 F50TF23 F50TF24
F50TF25 F50TF32 F50TF45 F50TF50
F50TF69 F50TF71 F50TF74 F50TF75
F50TF77 F50TF83 F50TF87 F50TF92
F50TF94 F50TF99 F50TF102 F50TF107
A50TF1 A50TF9 A50TF15A A50TF171
A50TF172 A50TF189 A50TF196 A50TF201
A50TF279 A50TF292 A50TF308 A50TF329
F50TF1 F50TF33 F50TF34 F50TF35
F50TF62 F50TF96 F50TF98 F50TF100
F50TF112 F50TF118 P16TF5 P6TF2
91547-P6405 EMS52432 EMS52510 EMS52521
EMS52533 FP5045 GPS3227-2 GPS3228-1
LHP5005 LHP5007 LHP5111 LHP5113
MIL-HDBK-1884 PNCP52519 PNCP52551 EMS52417
TC.TS.PL.91547-P6405.PN.EX_USA (91547-P6405) TC.TS.PL.CR-C.EX_USA (LHP5113) TC.TS.PL.GEN.EMS52417 (EMS52417) TC.TS.PL.GEN.EX_USA (EMS52439, GPS3228-1, MIL-HDBK-1884)
LCS approved
Grinding of ID, OD, and Flats
PWA 53-1 PWA 53-2 PWA 53-5 PWA 53-7
PWA 53-15 PWA 53-16 PWA 53-18 PWA 53-33
PWA 53-37 PWA 74-1 PWA 257-1 PWA 261
PWA 265 CPW 33-13 CPW 33-16 CPW 33-18
CPW 33-37 CPW 33-48 CPW 33-80
EPS 10411 EPS 10414 EPS 10420 EPS 10425
EPS 10436 EPS 10479 EPS 10482 EPS 10483
EPS 10486 EPS 10540 EPS 10550 RPS 386
RPS 392-9507/1 RPS 392-9507/5 RPS 392-9507/31 RPS 392-9507/35
RPS 392-9507/47 RPS 427-App 23 - 9507/44 RPS 427-App 26 - 9507/54 RPS 427-App 9 - 9507/5
RPS 576 RPS 592-App 8 RPS 643-9507/69 RPS 661-App 9
RPS 661-App 10 RRP 51000
MTV 365-1
Airframe & Powerplant
Boeing (DC & MD) Lockheed/Martin Airbus Industries General Electric
Pratt & Whitney Rolls Royce (Allison) Honeywell (Garrett, Allied Signal)
Thermal spray, machining, grinding