CTS-East is located in the industrial heartland of New Jersey. Most of the world’s major pump and valve companies utilize CTS-East’s expertise in wear parts manufacturing as a source for pump and valve components such as sleeves, wear rings, plungers and stems. These components can be supplied either hardened by thermal spray coatings against the harshest of industrial environments or uncoated for normal conditions. Wear and corrosion problems can be overcome for almost any application through the creative use of thermal spray or spray and fuse coatings.

CTS-East has been approved by General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and FAA to apply several coatings on aerospace parts and to perform OD, ID and surface grinding of those coatings.

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Core Processes

  • Part manufacturing, CNC machining
  • Grinding and Milling
  • Plasma Coatings
  • Wire Arc Coatings
  • Spray and Fuse Coating
  • HVOF Coatings


CTS-East Facility

80 Fadem Rd.
Springfield, NJ 07081
Toll-free: (855) 441-5760
Phone: (973) 379-0003
Fax: (973) 379-3007

CTS-EAST Contact

  • Jorge Gerena Manager Business Development, Energy