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As thermal spray processes continue to evolve with rapidly changing technology, the CTS Technology Center leverages CTS’s unique blend of implementation intelligence, technology expertise and entrepreneurial drive to build collaborative opportunities with its customers.  Located in Cincinnati, OH, this home for the Technology Center provides an exceptional environment for innovation and growth.  A development lab housed here is the heart of the center, where innovations and collaborations are explored and cultivated.

The Technology Center identifies, analyzes and develops new solutions to address environmental and performance challenges and create the next generation of thermal spray products.  The Technology Center assesses new and existing technology investment opportunities to pursue a fresh vision for our coatings innovation.

  • Plasma and HVOF Thermal Spray Development
  • Furnace Cycle Testing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Metallographic Evaluation and Image Analysis
  • White Light Profilometry Testing

The center strives to make strategic investments in technology that will rectify time-to-market dilemmas, minimize costs and provide the latest capabilities.

Core Processes

  • HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel)
  • Plasma Spray
  • Wire Arc Spray
  • Combustion Wire and Powder Spray
  • Metallographic Laboratory

Technology Center

10904 Deerfield Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Toll-free: (855) 441-5758
Phone: (513) 793-0670
Fax: (513) 745-0851

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