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Supplemental Processes

Innovative Thermal Protection Supplemental Services

Our supplemental core processes keep your products protected longer and your business operating smoother.

To complement our core thermal spray coatings and precision machining and grinding services, we also offer a full spectrum of supplemental processes to keep your products performing optimally.
With Dry Film Lube applications to address seizing and galling environments, Shot Peening for compressing residual stress, specialized Heat Treatments, and fully automated and applied water or solvent-based Slurry Coatings, our progressive supplemental services provide the manufacturing support and thermal protection you can only find at CTS.

Dry Film Lubrication (DFL)

At CTS, our Dry Film Lube materials and processes reduce friction between surfaces, helping prevent seizing and galling within your product’s parts where fluids are otherwise ineffective.

We provide dry film lubricants to protect your products from the most extreme environmental fluctuations including high and low temperatures, high and low pressure, and high-revolution mechanisms.

Our dry film lube applications also protect against corrosion resistance, atmospheric and cathodic environments, and utilize chemical friction engineering to address fretting, galling, and anti-skid/traction issues that typically arise in extreme thermal environments. For high-temperature dry film applications, we also incorporate tribological coatings to protect the surfaces of components and improve surface properties such as wear resistance, wear corrosion, and scratch resistance.

Shot Peen

Shot peening is a cold work process used to finish metal parts that prevent stress corrosion failure, alleviate abrasions, reduce friction, and extends the overall life of your parts and components.

We offer shot peen services that address these mechanical properties along with compressive residual stress and fatigue while providing a highly productive environment that improves your parts’ performance.

By utilizing round metallic, glass, or ceramic particles for our shot peens combined with highly-impactful surface force, we are able to create a compressive residual stress layer that modifies the shot’s mechanical properties to produce a highly non-corrosive finish for any part or component.

Heat Treatment

Add value to your parts and components with our advanced heat treatment services that offer unparalleled technical expertise and state-of-the-art thermal protective equipment.

Each of our CTS facilities has aligned its production needs with local heat treatment vendors that are logistically and strategically capable of supporting our clients’ needs with on-time delivery and cost-effective pricing that works for your budget.

All work accomplished by our heat treat partners meets and exceeds industry-standard regulations, is compliant with all customer, OEM, and regulatory market requirements, and is backed by our team of professionally certified engineers and research experts.

Slurry Coating

At CTS, our goal is to extend the life of your product’s parts and performance, delivering comprehensive, slurry coating solutions that protect against deterioration caused by corrosion, oxidation, and release needs.

Utilizing our automated coating processes, we apply water or solvent-based paint style slurry coatings to a wide variety of engine components and products, across a range of industries, including power generation and aerospace.

Our slurry coatings have been uniquely formulated to handle both hot and cold release and corrosion resistance requirements. Inorganic ceramic binders enable these extremely tough and erosion-resistant coatings to endure extreme temperatures and environments, helping set the new gold standard in coating automation.

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