Standard Density 88/12 Tungsten Carbide Cobalt


CT2104-1 an 88% tungsten carbide/12% cobalt coating applied using the plasma spray process. It is a high quality coating for low temperature wear resistance, highly recommended for resistance to particle erosion, hard surfaces, fretting and abrasive grains.

Typical Properties

Nominal Composition:
88% Tungsten Carbide, 12%
Bond Strength:
6,500 psi
Coating Porosity:
Less than 2%
Coating Hardness:
DPH300 900-1100
As-sprayed Surface Roughness:
250-400 Ra

For the Following Applications:

CT2104-1 is used in applications such as aircraft flap tracks, aircraft turbine shafts, exhaust fans, concrete mixing equipment, and plug gages.


Finish CT2104-1 by grinding with diamond wheels. CT2104-1 should be wet ground. CTS can recommend grinding parameters if needed.


CTS-2104-1 meets the following specifications:

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