High Density Amorphous Metal


CT5314-2 is an iron based material with a complex chemistry which is applied using the HVOF process. This material forms an amorphous surface structure as the result of frictional forces applied to the surface. Once these amorphous phases form, the material experiences increased surface hardness and a lower coefficient of friction. The material also exhibits outstanding resistance to heat, retaining hot hardness up to 1600° F. In addition, CT5314-2 is also resistant to most oxidizing acids and caustic solutions.

Typical Properties

Nominal Composition:
Iron based complex alloy
Bond Strength:
8,000-10,000 psi
Coating Porosity:
Less than 1%
Coating Hardness:
Vickers 1200-1400
As-sprayed Surface Roughness:
120-150 Ra

For the Following Applications:

CT5314-2 has been used in many boiler tube applications where erosion resistance, heat resistance and thermal shock resistance is important. It is also outstanding for applications at room temperature – CT5314-2 has been used in pump applications in the petrochemical industry – and in many other ambient temperature applications where wear resistance is important. It is resistant to salt water, oxidizing acids and caustic solutions. It retains hardness up to 1600°F.


Coatings of CT5314-2 may be finished by grinding. They may be ground with green silicon carbide wheels or diamond wheels.

Finishes of 2-4 Ra are possible by grinding. This coating may also be superfinished to a 1 Ra finish.


CT5314-2 meets the following specifications:

Internal CTS specifications only

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