High Temperature Slurry Coatings

CTS applies high temperature water or solvent based slurry coatings to a wide variety of engine components within the power generation and aerospace industries. Our slurry coatings have been developed to handle both release and corrosion resistance requirements. Inorganic ceramic binders enable these extremely tough and erosion-resistant coatings to endure the extreme temperatures and environments that exist in power generation and aviation gas turbines.

CTS’s automated slurry application facility is the first of its kind in the industry. The new gold standard in coating automation, this cell has enabled CTS to tightly control coating thicknesses, surface finishes, and cosmetic appearances across all finished product. The robotic application method provides tight process repeatability for key quality characteristics, and enables the efficient flow of product through the cell. The result is an operation that supplies precision, quality and unprecedented turn time to customers all over the world.

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