50/50 Tungsten Carbide / Nickel Chromium Silicon Boron Hardfacing Alloy


CT3302-4 is a Nickel Chromium Silicon Boron/ Tungsten Carbide material which, when sprayed with HVOF technology and then fused creates a very wear resistant layer. This layer exhibits better wear resistance in many applications than would be typical even of another fused coating with the same percentage of tungsten carbide due to the fine particle size of the carbide. In addition to the very high wear resistance, the coating also shows high impact resistance.

Typical Properties

Nominal Composition:
45W, 7Cr, 3.4C, 1.3B, 2.2Si
Bond Strength:
Coating Porosity:
Rc 60-67
800-900 DPH-300
Thickness Limit
.060" on OD components
.030" on flat surfaces
Maximum Service Temp:
Estimated to be 1000ºF

For the Following Applications:

CT-3302-4 is used for high wear applications such as wire drawing capstans, pump sleeves, pump impellers, mechanical seal faces, feed screws, extruder screws, ball valves and hammer mill components.


Finish this coating by grinding with diamond wheels or lapping with diamond paste. Typical wheel recommendation is a 100 mesh nickel clad diamond in a resin bonded matrix. Large surfaces may require a softer wheel. Coolant must be flooded onto part and wheel during grinding.

Recommended lapping parameters:

Lapping Compound
Finish in MicroInch AA (approximate)
30μ Diamond
15μ Diamond
9μ Diamond
.5μ Diamond


CT3302-4 meets the following specifications:

Meets CTS internal specification only

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