Pure Zinc


CT7802-6 is a pure zinc coating applied using the electric arc process. It is a very high purity metallic coating that bonds to all known metallic substrates plus many unusual substrates such as plastic, glass, ceramic, paper and wood. It is highly recommended for the galvanic protection of structural steel components where it acts as a sacrificial coating to protect steel or iron. It may be readily painted if required.

Typical Properties

Nominal Composition:
99.9% Zinc
Tensile Strength:
1,000 psi avg.
Coating Hardness:
< Rh 35
Coating Density:
6 gm/cc
As-sprayed Surface Roughness
375-525 Ra

For the Following Applications:

CT7802-6 is most frequently used for galvanic protection of iron and steel against corrosion, both in the atmosphere, and in fresh or salt water. This coating is often used to replace galvanizing on steel components where the heat of the galvanizing bath would distort thin sections, or on components like bridges that are too large to be galvanized, and cannot be treated once erected. Spraying coatings of zinc has the added advantage of being able to specify thicknesses in excess of what is achievable with the galvanizing process. Applications can be evaluated and varying thicknesses of sprayed zinc can be specified for different areas of the component based on the severity of exposure expected. CT7802-6 can also be used as an initial bond layer on plastics, wood, glass, ceramics. CT7802-6 is electrically conductive and may be used for EMI protection on plastic housings in the electronic component industry. CT7802-6 may also be used to make temporary molds for molding plastics.


CT7802-6 may be finished by wet grinding with silicon carbide wheels. The coating may also be lapped or superfinished.


CT7802-6 meets the following specifications:

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