Alumina Zirconia


CT1100-1 is an Alumina Zirconia coating applied using the plasma spray process. The coating is chemically inert, stable at elevated temperatures, and resistant to stresses induced by thermal cycling. CT1100-1 is especially effective in applications where the component is exposed to certain molten metals. Use up to 1600º F.

Typical Properties

Nominal Composition
75% Al2O3 – 25% ZrO
Bond Strength
> 5,000 psi
Coating Porosity:
As-sprayed Surface Roughness
300-500 Ra

For the Following Applications:

CT1100-1 is used for severe service conditions of molten metal erosion. Typical components coated with this coating are steel mill galvanizing and aluminizing rolls.


Coatings of CT1100-1 are typically used as sprayed with no further finishing.


CT1100-1 meets the following specifications:

Internal CTS specifications only