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Agriculture Machinery Components

High-Performance Components that Elevate Your Agriculture Business

We coat an extensive selection of part numbers for agriculture and farm machinery and components from a variety of engines.

This is a partial list of parts. Contact us for a quote on your specific component.

  • Compressor blades
  • Compressor spools
  • Fan disks
  • Fuel mixers Shrouds
  • Turbine disks
  • Vanes
  • Compressor shafts
  • Fan blades
  • Front and rear cases
  • Rotating seals
  • Stationary seals
  • Turbine shafts

Our Markets

Innovative & Unique Coating Services

Every market we serve has a specific combination of products, parts, processes, and challenges.
Our technological expertise along with a thorough understanding of your industry’s complexities is critical to identifying existing and potential problems with your product or processes. We then leverage our research and collected industry data to create opportunities and custom coating solutions to improve your product’s overall performance.

Our Partners

We develop and supply innovative coating solutions and processes for these industry leading companies and their subsidiaries

We offer turnkey application and surface solutions that keep your products protected longer and your business operating smoother.