Coating Technology That Can’t Be Beat

Our coating technology sets the industry gold standard

Our high-performance galvanized coatings for molten zinc and aluminum are second to none and when combined with our precision coating processes, effectively deter dross pick up within your mill’s pots. The results? A custom coating solution that keeps steel manufacturers operating at peak performance.

In addition to keeping your mill’s products and operations running smoothly, we offer full repair services for all your used pot equipment including:

  • Roll inspection report generation
  • Machining refurbishment of roll faces
  • Full journal repair
  • Reapplication of roll coatings
Plasma Transferred Arc

Steel Industry Applications

Thermal Spray Solutions for the Steel Industry

As a recognized leader in the commercial and industrial sectors, CTS develops innovative coating solutions for every possible surface application. We service a variety of markets including paper roll manufacturers, machinery rebuilders, and power utilities, delivering protective coatings, adhesives, and surface solutions that extend the structural durability and life of your products.

This is a partial list of parts. Contact us for a quote on your specific component.

Mills, Rolls & Lines

  • Temper Mills
  • Tandem Mills
  • Tin Mills
  • Bridle Rolls
  • Furnace Rolls
  • Pickling Lines
  • Annealing Lines
  • Slitting Lines

Hot Dip Coatings

  • Galvanize
  • Galvaneal
  • Aluminize

Steel Making

  • Continuous Caster
  • BOF
  • LMF

Technical Service Expertise

Servicing the Steel Industry with Unmatched Technology

CTS also offers a wide range of wear and corrosion resistant thermal spray-based coatings to protect your components and surfaces in every part of the mill.

In addition to keeping your mill’s products and operations running smoothly, we offer full repair services for all your used pot equipment including:

  • PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) Cladding
  • OD and ID Surface Protection
  • Pro-Mic©Electronic-Accurate, Reliable Roll Surface Profiling
  • Journal & Bushing Metallurgies
  • Corrosion & Wear Protection
  • Custom Surface Finishing to meet Unique Customer Requirements
  • Surface Finish at 5-10 Ra Increments
  • Custom Roll Profiling (Crowning)
  • Customer Materials & Application Driven Technical Solutions
Plasma Transferred Arc

Our Markets

Innovative & Unique Coating Services

Every market we serve has a specific combination of products, parts, processes, and challenges.
Our technological expertise along with a thorough understanding of your industry’s complexities is critical to identifying existing and potential problems with your product or processes. We then leverage our research and collected industry data to create opportunities and custom coating solutions to improve your product’s overall performance.

Our Partners

We develop and supply innovative coating solutions and processes for these industry leading companies and their subsidiaries

We offer turnkey application and surface solutions that keep your products protected longer and your business operating smoother.