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Increasing overall product performance

Helping Ship Products that Deliver Value

Our coating applications keep the marine supply industry afloat and corrosion at bay. At CTS, we know how unforgiving the ocean can be and understand that manufacturing quality products for the shipping and freight industry is critical on a global scale. Our reliable coating solutions protect valuable supplies, goods, and cargo along with the marine vessels and containers that transport them.

Our thermal spray applications prevent corrosion and the ripple effect of challenges it creates for shipping and container unit manufacturers. By integrating our anti-corrosion solutions at the core at your processes, you reduce the need for product part replacements and increase your parts lifecycle while boosting the overall performance of your product.

Plasma Transferred Arc

Case Study: Corrosion-Resistant Thermal Spray Coatings

Looking for more information on thermal spray coatings for the shipping industry?

In our free marine coatings whitepaper, we breakdown our thermal spray process and dive deep into a real-life case study that increased the overall life expectancy of our client’s product parts by more than 15 years.

Download your free copy of our whitepaper, Thermal Spray Coatings for the Marine Industry.

Marine Coatings

Thermal Spray Applications for the Marine Industry

Our thermal spray solutions provide a distinct advantage over paint-based options due to their highly effectiveness in guarding against the corrosion of iron alloys.

  • The thermal spray method is far more dynamic and complex, compared to the paint spraying method
  • The performance of thermal spray coatings continues to demonstrate its viability and reliability as the leading solution for corrosion prevention

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Innovative & Unique Coating Services

Every market we serve has a specific combination of products, parts, processes, and challenges.
Our technological expertise along with a thorough understanding of your industry’s complexities is critical to identifying existing and potential problems with your product or processes. We then leverage our research and collected industry data to create opportunities and custom coating solutions to improve your product’s overall performance.

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We develop and supply innovative coating solutions and processes for these industry leading companies and their subsidiaries

We offer turnkey application and surface solutions that keep your products protected longer and your business operating smoother.