Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)

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The best process control

PTA: Create conforming parts every time

Our Plasma Transferred Arc welding system, Starweld 400, is ideal for the best process control to create conforming parts every time. The capabilities of CTS range from impeller, wear, and case rings, to bearing and shaft sleeves along with other components.

We are experienced applying Stellite 1, 6, 12, as well as Colmonoy 5, and 6 to base materials ranging from 300 and 400 series stainless steel, to duplex and super duplex parts. Our process continues to bring superior Plasma Transferred Arc coatings to industrial pumps.

In addition to PTA, CTS offers HVOF, Spray and Fuse, which are complemented with our precision machining and grinding capabilities.

Cincinnati Thermal Spray has been serving various pump industries for over 25 years. For more than two decades, companies like ITT, Flowserve, Ruhrpumpen, Sulzer, Grundfos, and Weir have trusted CTS coatings to protect components inside of Industrial pumps. CTS manufactures complete welded impeller rings, wear rings, sleeves, bushings, coated plungers, and shafts.

Friction, corrosion, and abrasion are forces that constantly threaten deteriorating components in industrial pumps, derailing production and result in costly downtime. CTS engineers are experts at analyzing complex problems and developing innovative coatings to achieve and maintain peak performance. Common coatings include Stellite (Kennametal) and (Wall) Colmonoy plus HVOF applied Tungsten carbide, Chrome Carbide, Monel, and Plasma applied Chrome Oxide plus all spray and fused coatings that enhance the life cycle of your engineered pumps. These coatings when applied properly will work to give longer life to pumps, creating a barrier against the pump’s media of high wear, corrosion, and abrasion prone issues.

Plasma Transferred Arc

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