Thermal Protection

Effective Thermal Protection Against Extreme Conditions

Modern aircraft engines and large gas power turbines can’t operate without the use of thermal spray coatings. And our spray coatings offer only the best in thermal protection.

CTS produces advanced ceramic coatings that neutralize the effects of extreme temperatures and hot gases on parts and surfaces. We are the leading provider of specialized ceramic coatings in both the aerospace and power generation industries.

Getting Warmed Up

For those systems that require heat, CTS offers high emissivity coatings that attract thermal radiation as a means to harness thermal energy.

Our highly emissive thermal spray coatings are designed to withstand the most aggressive thermal environments and are created to outlast and outperform all other paint coatings on the market.

How We Work

We partner with you to precision tune your business’s thermal dynamic systems to maintain and achieve peak production levels from your product.

CTS’s innovative engineers are continually pushing research and development to the limits to create new techniques that protect components from operational degradation.

Most engines, compressors, exhaust systems, circuits, or other systems require precise heat management to optimize performance. The heat generated by these systems can’t be eliminated. Our coatings deflect, redirect, and disperse heat in the proper direction, minimizing its impact on your product’s parts and operations.

Industries We Protect From Thermal Conditions




Power Generation

Oil & Gas


Wire & Cable



Pumps, Valves & Mixers

Research Center, Certifications and Approvals

Save time by using our Research Center to view next-generation coating methods and the latest coating technologies. You can also find information about our Facility Certifications and Industry Approvals.

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