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Enhanced Thermal Spray Coatings to Protect Your Product

You build great products, and we make the best thermal spray coatings to protect them.

At CTS we offer a full spectrum of thermal spray coating technology application services with turnkey surface solutions that keep your products protected longer and your business operating smoother.

From high-velocity oxygen and air-fuel coatings (HVOF/HVAF) to ceramic thermal spray coatings, and more, we provide expert assistance in making your products last longer and perform better. With decades of experience and knowledge of thermal spray technologies, our team of certified engineers and industry experts are here to help you select the proper coating for your product, process, or project.

CTS is your one-stop-shop for thermal coating services from R&D and engineering, to machining and grinding, to solution development and coating application.

Each of our facilities has the engineering knowledge that ensures our ability to analyze your application and provide superior coating and supplemental service selection. Our nationwide teams look forward to transforming your operational challenges into enhanced production opportunities.

Our Facilities

Select from one of our facilities below to learn more about our individual locations that make up our network of nationwide services.

Additional Services

At CTS, we do more.

Our progressive commitment to continuously enhance our value as a multi-industry partner has enabled us to expand our thermal spray coating services outside of our core competencies to integrate additional services.

Component Manufacturing

Our wear-resistant parts and components are manufactured complete with thermal spray coatings and finishes and are produced utilizing the latest industry coating standards. From pumps and valves to custom industrial equipment, we stock the components you need for any job at any volume. And we’ll make sure to deliver your parts on schedule, every time.

Coating Surface Finishing

With service options such as conventional finishing, diamond grinding, and super-finishing, our entire line of product finished coatings is available for any manufactured component. We’re even capable of coating your Tungsten Carbide parts or components, which is considered difficult to finish due to its hardness.

Component Assembly

After our coatings are applied, your components can be assembled at any one of our four regional locations, and with our on-site welding services—we’ll complete your final product’s assembly while helping to prepare your parts for direct delivery to your end customer—saving you valuable time and money.

Shot Peening

Leveraging our fully automated peening capabilities, we ensure efficiency and quality by providing reliable shot peening services throughout our facilities, enterprise-wide.

Component Failure Analysis

When it comes to improving your equipment’s performance, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. That’s why we provide failure analysis reports on components that frequently fail and prescribe custom coating solutions or wear-resistant overlays that will help increase your product’s longevity and overcome its failure mode.

The CTS Difference

Everything you need, when you need it. Done right.

CTS is a coating company with focused and expert capabilities covering thermal spray processes, anti-corrosion paint coatings, shot peen, machining, and grinding. Our years of experience continue to provide exceptional results and unwavering support to the following industries across the globe: Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Medical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Pumps, Valves, and Mixers, Steel, and Wire & Cable.

CTS Technology can transform your operational challenges into enhanced production opportunities.

From R & D and component manufacturing to coating application services and assembly, we offer full-service end-to-end thermal spray coating solutions developed specifically for your needs.

We turn around your coating solutions with unmatched speed.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art coating processes and development techniques we’re able to reduce project downtime and increase productivity, helping turn highly satisfied customers into loyal clients.

At CTS, we only succeed when you succeed—and success is the only option.

That’s why the performance and quality of our surface solutions, the level of attentive customer service, and the measurable value of our thermal coating solutions delivered consistently are second to none.

Industries We Serve

Our diverse team of thermal spray coating specialists offers unparalleled expertise across a wide range of industries




Power Generation

Oil & Gas


Wire & Cable



Pumps, Valves & Mixers

CTS Facilities

For your convenience, we have facilities strategically located throughout the United States.

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