Power Generation


CTS has a rich history of advancing performance limits and evolving coating technology in the power generation marketplace. Today, CTS remains at the center of the coating industry, partnering with most of the large power engine manufacturing brands.

Our reputation for excellence in the Power Generation industry is built upon 3 foundational principles:

  • Expanding coating capabilities with innovative technology
  • Consistently producing superior product quality
  • Leveraging our expertise and dedication to provide outstanding service

These principles have enabled CTS to forge strong, lasting customer partnerships with some the world’s most respected organizations, including:

CTS offers, and is continually adding, ancillary processes to better service our customers in areas such as:

  • Machining and Grinding
  • Heat Treating
  • Shot Peening
  • Weld assembly of combustion liners and baskets
  • Weld assembly of baffles onto vanes and nozzles

Inner Combustion Cone coated with YSZ ceramic for thermal protection

Row 2 Turbine Blades coated with YSZ ceramic for thermal protection

Compressor Disk coated with anti-corrosion slurry paint

Combustion Transitions coated with YSZ ceramic for thermal protection

P16A-AG6 P16B-AG11 P16B-AG14 P16B-AG20
P16B-AG3 P16B-AG33 P16B-AG6 P16B-AG8
P16B-AG9 P16B-AL-0003 P16B-AL-0200 P16B-AL-0601
P16B-AL-2105 P6A-AG1 paint P6A-AG6 paint P11C-AG11 shot peen
P16A-AG5 CC1 slurry QPP 2-19-17 QPP 2-19-21 QPP 2-19-22
QPP 2-19-23 QPP 2-19-59 QPP 2-19-60 ITN07770.07
83262Z7 83262Z2 83336Y4 83269A4
83336AA 83336AB DE15-1282 DE15-1283
DE15-1293 DE15-1319
HZLM 601 501 HZLM 603 610
ES 9-107 ES 9-353 Type IA and IIA
PSM-204 PSM-400 PSM-401 PSM-402
PSM-410 PSM-415-2 PSM-416
DSP3720 DSP3721 DSP4903