Self Lubricating Wear Coatings

Certain operations involve multiple mechanical factors that are simultaneously impairing system efficiency in a variety ways. CTS understands these unique situations and has developed coating solutions with multiple protective capabilities—for example, our high wear resistant coatings, which also exhibit superior release properties.

In high temperature or aggressive wear applications, lubricants may only last a short time before they scuff off and lose their beneficial characteristics. CTS offers thermal spray coatings that:

  • Contain Oxides within their matrix (such as Cobalt Oxide or Molybdenum Oxide) that retain the necessary properties to promote improved frictional benefits in advanced wear applications
  • Retain a functional level of lubricity over time as they wear in service, drastically reducing the potential for galling or fretting
  • Reduce fouling in systems because the Oxides present resist particulate accumulation on the surface of the coating

While these coatings are capable of operating at extreme temperatures, they also perform very effectively at ambient room temperatures.

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