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CT5130-2 is a Cobalt based alloy, which provides excellent resistance to wear, galling, and corrosion. It is able to retain these same properties at elevated temperatures. CT5130 also has good resistance to impact and cavitation erosion. This material is applied using the HVOF process to achieve a very dense and hard coating. CT5130-2 may be used in oxidizing or reducing atmospheres and in non-oxidizing environments.

Typical Properties

Nominal Composition Cobalt:
Bal Co – 28% Cr – 4.5% W – 1.1% C 1.1% Si
Bond Strength:
9,500 psi
Coating Porosity:
Less than 1%
Coating Hardness:
DPH300 500 Min
As-sprayed Surface Roughness:
200-250 RMS

For the Following Applications:

CT5130-2 is widely used in gas turbine and industrial applications where a combination of high temperature resistance and wear resistance are desired. It is an excellent material for use in one side wearing against most metals used in hot oxidation or hot corrosion applications. It is also frequently used in elevated temperature applications where superior wear resistance is required.


CT5130-2 may be finished by wet grinding with silicon carbide wheels. The coating may also be lapped or superfinished.

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