Duplex Synthetic Graphite / Molybdenum Disulfide Dry Film Lubricant


CT8101 is a two layer dry film lubricant that uses lubricating pigments that include synthetic graphite and moly disulphide. The material is designed to operate up to 1200° F. in air and provides very low friction and high load carrying capacity. This material, once properly applied and cured, is not sensitive to the hazards of handling and installation. It is not sensitive to changes in temperature and is ideal for applications where components start at room temperature and ramp up over 1000° F. Typical coating thickness is in the range of .0004 to .0001”.

Typical Properties

Passes ASTM 2510A
Coefficient of Friction:
.02 to .04
Chemical Resistance:
7H+ Pencil hardness base coat, 2B top coat
Chemical Resistance
Most petroleum products
Hydraulic fluids
Jet Fuel
Deicing fluids
10% HCl
10% NaOH

For the Following Applications:

CT8101 is ideal for virtually all fasteners, valve components, gears and splines and bearings and seals. It is designed for use on high temperature alloys used at temperatures up to 1200° F. in air and up to 2000° F. in inert atmospheres. It is used in industrial equipment of all types, aerospace/defense components, chemical processing equipment and a wide range of valve and pump applications across many industries.


CT8101 meets the following specifications:

Internal CTS specfications

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